The mandate is fulfilled through community-based services, personal and professional development programs across Canada. The NCBWF began locally in British Columbia to secure funding in order to advance opportunities for black women and girls and has grown into a multi-faceted, non-profit organization that operates nationally.

The NCBWF sponsors educational, social, cultural and health related programs and projects. These projects are designed to meet the needs and concerns of Black women and their families by enhancing their quality of life.



For over 35 years, The National Congress of Black Women Foundation (NCBWF) has been an instrumental link in connecting people Black community members that include but is not limited to people from Africa, the Caribbean, Canada and America.  The organization continues to promote and facilitate activities and programs that foster the advancement, recognition, health and education of Black women and their families.


The NCBWF has a small library of books written by African-American-Canadian-Caribbean authors and ‘Community Connections 2008’ a Black Business Directory. Additionally we provide an educational and informative library of material in the form of brochures, books, and videos regarding the HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Hepatitis C, Tuberculosis and many other health issues available to the members of the public


We have been a pillar in our community, and we continue to provide various levels of support and resources to Black families and community members in the following areas:

  • Community connections by referring people to
  • Cultural association
  • Physicians
  • Rehabilitation services providers
  • Government departments
  • Employment services
  • Housing and food insecurities resources
  • Immigration services
  • Providing growth and educational opportunities for women and girls
  • Engaging in fact-finding and research on issue uniquely affecting Black women and their families
  • Raising funds for scholarship and educational programs
  • Engaging in charitable activities
  • Training and educating youth and community members on leadership skills, community responsibility,  social justice and anti-racism
  • Promoting better health preservation and prevention through education.






For over 20 years, the National Congress of Black Women Foundation has delivered programs to support Black youth. Some of the programs include Summer, Leadership Programs for Youth-at-Risk and Social Justice/ Anti-Racism Symposiums. These programs help youth realize their full potential. They also learn the importance of making correct choices to help themselves and those around them, highlighting the importance of education in their life.


In the last decade, during Black History Month, the organization has continued to partner with the Surrey, Coquitlam and Maple Ridge high schools to launch and deliver Social Justice/Anti-Racism programs. In 2020, our organization began collaborating with the Vancouver schools to deliver a Social Justice/Anti-Racism Youth Summit.





The National Congress of Black Women Foundation /UMOJA Society has a scholarship program to assist to African-Caribbean-Canadian Youths.

This is program to assist African-Caribbean-Canadian youth and women living with or without HIV/AIDS to pursue and achieve their educations.

This program is specifically to assist:

Woman with HIV/Aids







Over the years our organization has partnered with unions, public libraries, school districts, universities, Westcoast LEAF, Caribbean and African Associations as well as businesses to support programs that advance Black Women and their families.


Our fundraising comes from community grants and proposals:

 Heritage Canada

 City of Burnaby

City of Vancouver

Local businesses

Community members





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