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Nalda Callender

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Nalda Callender is Executive Directorof the National Congress of Black Women Foundation. Nalda is also Chair of the Committee and Program Coordinator.


For the past 25 years, Nalda Callender has served her community and in her varied life roles and has been both an inspiring woman and community leader. She has dedicated her professional and volunteer work toward challenging the perceptions and position of people of African heritage in society. Her rallying call to action is the promotion of an environment in which racialization and ethno-cultural categories, while they exist, are not used to determine the level of one’s participation in society or the level of access to available resources. She has worked steadily to create an environment in which individuals are able to have a voice, find a place and have equitable participation.


Nalda Callender - For 25 years Nalda Callender has been a stalwart in Vancouver's Black community. Callender is presently the Executive Director of the National Congress of Black Women Foundation (NCBWF). She was instrumental in forming the Vancouver Chapter of the Congress of Black Women of Canada and creating Harambee Centres Canada. Through her professional and volunteer work Callender remains a powerful force for the societal change. Through her work with the NCBWF, Callender was able to get Canada Post to install the first series of stamps commemorating the acheivements of African-Canadians issued for Black History Month .



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Office: 302 - 4460 Beresford Street Burnaby, BC V5H 2Y5 Email: Office Phone: (604) 605-0124


Lifetime Achievement and Legacy Award presented by U.S. Consulate General

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